Keep Your Energy High and Mood Lifted!

As if we needed another reason to get fit! Exercise isn’t only for maintaining your weight and staying healthy. It’s great for relieving the stresses of life. Plus, the effects of a good workout can last for several hours after you hit the showers. You’ll have more energy throughout the day, and your metabolism with stay elevated too. Exercise also helps your mind by releasing those “feel good chemicals” that improve your mood.
Read this article in its entirety for 10 ways to beat the winter blues! Of course fitness is at the top of this list, but is it at the top of yours?


Fun Winter Workout!

SkyFitness is the perfect winter workout! Step away from the treadmill and onto the trampolines! Never mind boring winter fitness routines when you can jump for health and burn 1000 calories doing it.
Still not sure? Checkout this article in redbook listing trampoline fitness as one of the 7 Winter Workouts That Will Actually Make You Want to Leave the House.
Make sure to make a reservation in advance as classes fill quickly.
See you on the court!

Team Work-Out!

A shout out to the staff at Lone Spur Grill and Bar! This fantastic group booked a SkyFitness class as a team building experience! They had so much fun they were back the following week!
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SkyFitness is the perfect event for team building and group outings.
Contact to schedule your private fitness event.
Also, see our class schedule for your everyday fitness needs!

Get a Jump on Stability Training!

Stability Training is one of the top fitness trends for 2014. The goal according to Men’s Health, is to build strength throughout the body by using your body’s current state of resistance while balancing.

SkyFitness has a jump on stability training. The unstable surface of a trampoline forces your muscles to heighten their readiness. Your body will call more muscles into action to help stabilize your body and control the unstable surface.
The outcome is an ability to stabilize the body during movement by strengthening the core and other muscles. Elizabeth Quinn an exercise physiologist and fitness consultant explains. “All powerful movements originate from the center of the body out, and never from the limbs alone. The more stable the core, the more powerful the extremities can contract.”
To function properly, we need our bodies to be strong and mobile. So, get to class and add a little stability to your life!

SkyFitness is the Best HIIT!

What’s trending in fitness for 2014? High Intensity Interval Training! Shape magazine describes HIIT as any workout that alternates between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less-intense activity or even complete rest.
Guess what? Skyfitness incorporates HITT during every session! In fact, we do it with a rebound for added benefit.
HIIT is simple and effective with proven benefits:

HIIT is the type of workout ideal for a busy schedule. According to a 2011 study presented at the American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting, just 2 weeks of high-intensity intervals improves your aerobic capacity as much as 6 to 8 weeks of endurance training.

Increased Calorie Burn
You will burn more calories during your workout and after! Also, more calories are burned 24 hours after a HIIT workout than after a long steady paced run.

Heart Health
A HIIT workout will push your body into the anaerobic zone for increased heart health and increased performance.

Lose Weight, Keep Muscle
Studies show that weight training and HIIT workouts allow dieters to keep muscle, and lose the weight that comes from fat stores.

Increase Metabolism
HIIT stimulates the production of the human growth hormone. HGH is responsible for burning calories and slowing down the aging process.

You Won’t Be Bored
You will experience intense periods of exercise followed by short periods of recovery. You will be encouraged to challenge yourself with every exercise. Don’t worry; you can do anything for a short time!
Let’s HIIT the court!